PianoCheetah is software for pop piano practice.

It's geared towards Steve, but you really should give it a try.

You're going to need:
PianoCheetah will help you conquer your favorite song.

Oh, and it's
Tutorial Videos
Screen Shots

Steve's guiding principles...

Show the score the best way possible.

Notation you can quickly become proficient in.
Paging, not scrolling. Your eyes are busy enough.
Active notation showing note and tempo, ummm, slop.

Keep my songs organized and ready to feed back into the fingers.

Preserve everything I learned the first time through.
Keep my new songs, repertoire, and complete songs ready to go.

Do computery things to make practice fun.

Background tracks.
Play the other hand for me.
Play how it goes. Play exactly what I did. Save my recording.
Hilight where I am and spoon feed me notes.